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Map & Guide to Golden Gate Park

“The best pocket resource to Golden Gate Park, period. A must-have for any park lover.”

Map & Guide to Golden Gate Park

Map & Guide to
Golden Gate Park $3.95

10" x 34"
Folds to 4" x 10"
19th Edition

Everything you need to know about your visit to Golden Gate Park. Includes hiking trails, history, museums, gardens, groves, recreation and more. The world's only current, accurate bird's-eye view map of Golden Gate Park.

"This is not just an incredibly detailed and beautifully-desgined map, it's also an excellent guide to the history, attractions, and the many hidden treasures of Golden Gate Park. Whether you're a first-time visitor or long-time resident, you'll learn things about the park that you didn't know."
—Jason Wechter, San Francisco Treasure Hunts

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